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Viv! Christmas

Viv! Christmas Ornament - Pinata - glass - various colors - 9cm

Viv! Christmas Ornament - Pinata - glass - various colors - 9cm

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Filled with candy, gifts, or confetti, you can have a smashing time with a brightly colored piñata. Originally intended to ward off spirits, but now mainly enjoyed as a fun activity during children's birthdays and Christmas. However, you wouldn't want to break this adorable brightly colored piñata with a Mexican hat; instead, you can hang it in your Christmas tree!

Material: glass
Size: approx. 9cm

About Viv! Christmas:
Our unique Christmas baubles and ornaments are hand-decorated and hand-painted. The luxurious Christmas decorations stand out with their intricate details, making them a true centerpiece in your Christmas tree. They are an original gift for true lovers of special Christmas ornaments. All our products are of the highest quality and are always beautifully gift-wrapped.

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