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Viv! Christmas

Viv! Christmas Tabletop - Gnome Peppermint Swirl Candy Cane - red white - 27cm

Viv! Christmas Tabletop - Gnome Peppermint Swirl Candy Cane - red white - 27cm

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Add a touch of magic and Scandinavian folklore to your Christmas decor with this enchanting gnome from Viv! Christmas. Hailing from the deep forests of Scandinavia, this mischievous gnome brings not only coziness but also protection against harm and misfortune. He dons red overalls with a red-and-white striped sweater, and his soft white pointed hat is beautifully adorned with red-and-white Christmas baubles and a sweet peppermint swirl candy cane. With his long white beard and friendly smile, he only asks for one thing: treat him well, and he will bless your family with happiness and prosperity. Include this special gnome in your Christmas collection and let his protective power and charm enrich your Christmas celebration.

Material: fabric
Size: approx. 27cm

About Viv! Christmas:
Our unique Christmas tabletops are hand-decorated and hand-painted. The luxurious Christmas decorations stand out with their intricate details, making them a true centerpiece in your home. An original gift for true lovers of exceptional Christmas decorations. All our products are of high quality and are beautifully packaged for gifting.

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