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Viv! Christmas

Viv! Christmas Tabletop - Gingerbread Train - red white brown - 92cm

Viv! Christmas Tabletop - Gingerbread Train - red white brown - 92cm

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Step into the enchanting world of Christmas with Viv! Christmas' extraordinary gingerbread train. With an impressive length of 92 cm, this train is more than just a Christmas decoration; it's a true work of art, imported all the way from America and available in very limited quantities. The train sparkles with glittering details and is intricately decorated with icing and beautiful peppermint swirl ornaments. The train delivers your Christmas presents right to your door: adorable dolls and real peppermint swirl candy canes. These striking details bring the American Christmas spirit to the Netherlands, making this train an unforgettable addition to your Christmas decor.

Place this majestic gingerbread train as a centerpiece in your home and let your guests marvel at its size and brilliance. The train fits remarkably well in the traditional 'Santa's Bake Shop' Christmas theme, complete with gingerbread Christmas ornaments and delightful red and white candies.

Material: resin
Size: approx. 92cm

About Viv! Christmas:
Our unique Christmas tabletops are hand-decorated and hand-painted. The luxurious Christmas decorations stand out with their intricate details, making them a true centerpiece in your home. An original gift for true lovers of exceptional Christmas decorations. All our products are of high quality and are beautifully packaged for gifting.

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