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Kurt S. Adler

Kurt S. Adler - Hollywood Collection™ Christmas Nutcracker Cupcake Hat - pink red green - 42cm

Kurt S. Adler - Hollywood Collection™ Christmas Nutcracker Cupcake Hat - pink red green - 42cm

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Enter the enchanting world of Christmas with this eye-catching Kurt S. Adler Christmas Nutcracker, available at Viv! Christmas. This American Nutcracker is a true treat for the senses, featuring a hat that resembles a delightful chocolate cupcake adorned with peppermint swirl candies. In one hand, he holds a cookie, while in the other, a striped candy cane. The Nutcracker is laden with glitters and boasts beautifully decorated icing details. His silky hair and beard add an extra dose of luxury to this Christmas figure. Dressed in a striking pink top and striped red and white pants, with fluffy white pom-poms on his shoes, this wooden Nutcracker brings the charm of the 'Hollywood Collection' to your Christmas decor. Let him shine in your traditional American 'Santa's Bake Shop' or 'Candyland' Christmas theme, filled with candies and gingerbread treats. Add this luxurious Nutcracker to your collection today for an unforgettable Christmas celebration!

Material: wood
Size: approx. 42cm

In the Viv! Christmas collection, you will find a wide range of Hollywood Collection Nutcrackers™, a collection of handmade wooden nutcrackers exclusively created for Kurt S. Adler and designed by Holly Adler. These designs give a unique, vibrant, and memorable twist to the traditional nutcracker.

About Kurt S. Adler:
For over 75 years, Kurt S. Adler has been one of the most renowned brands worldwide in the field of luxury and imaginative Christmas decorations. The exclusive Christmas ornaments are original, detailed, and hand-decorated and painted. At Viv! Christmas, you will find a diverse selection, including Noble Gems™ Christmas ornaments and Hollywood Collection Nutcrackers™. They make original gifts for true lovers of exceptional Christmas decor.

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