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Viv! Christmas

Viv! Christmas Decoration Figurine - Owl - red gold brown - 25cm

Viv! Christmas Decoration Figurine - Owl - red gold brown - 25cm

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Looking for a cozy winter roost, this owl is on the lookout for an evergreen tree. A spruce, holly, or perhaps a pine tree? Open your window, as it has set its sights on your beautifully illuminated tree! A warm and cozy spot is just what this stunning owl desires. And who wouldn't want such a remarkable specimen in their home? Standing approximately 25cm tall, this owl boasts a rustic look with red accents, exquisite feathers, and festive legs adorned with golden glitter. Hand-decorated with beads and framed with galon ribbon, its captivating gaze will capture everyone's attention. Tip: Place the owl amidst your autumn or Christmas decorations to create a unique look.

Material: fabric
Size: approx. 25cm

About Viv! Christmas:
Our unique Christmas figurines are handcrafted and hand-painted. The luxurious Christmas decorations stand out with their intricate details, making them a true centerpiece in your home. An original gift for true lovers of exceptional Christmas decorations. All our products are of high quality and are always beautifully packaged for gifting.

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